Jan 14, 2011

Sous Le Soleil Exactement

Beirut 2007

The Photographer

...there's a guy with a red dress blowing pipes on the roof & a midget with a "cabbage head" signing up for skydiving in the basement. See colors vacuum-ing the porcupine playgrounds of Tyrol...

Eyeless in Gaza

Dec 27, 2010


Kunming China (july 2010)

Dec 22, 2010

I Am Your Ambulance

"Let's move on to a slightly more complex situation. Suppose an Italian tourist in a Mexican restaurant asks for a little of burro to go with his bread. This man is in trouble. In his language burro means butter, but in the waiter's spanish it means donkey. The problem is not that both tourist & waiter cannot conjure up a valid mental image of burro. In fact, the problem is precisely that they can, and do."
The Quest for Modern Fiction Carroll B. Johnson

Dec 15, 2010


> Dedication to the 800 ISO & transglobal networkers "fils de pute"

Nov 19, 2010


The EX-YOUGOSLAVIA >> doesn't belong to the USA
(the post title isn't really a musical reference for once)
What did they do there ? How much bitterness, division, hunger, conflict did they provoke ? How many victims, life casualties are they responsible for ? A lot of benefits... not for Europe really, nor for the Middle East or Russia, not for Africa or Asia, etc.
I don't even want to elaborate on what they did in Japan half a century ago, South America, Irak or Afghanistan more recently. Barely 300 millions people not even willing to look around for the trouble they provoked with their own system, most of them blaming their elected policies makers equivocally.
This kind of global interventionism & "facon de faire" that the European Union & its citizens aren't always tuned with.
Not to mention that it hasn't ever been so easy to blame the German or the Chinese for some global economical unrest. It seems that this nation built on a so-called melting pot has forgotten since a while what PEACE means.
SERBIA , KOSOVO, BOSNIA... if not part of the E.U. are in Europe, not in North America.
(This photo was taken 6 years ago in Sarajevo)

Sep 5, 2010

Future Reflections

592 days after the Siemens mountains (AFRICA), there was
in China...

Feb 18, 2010

The Third Eye




空に放り込む  空に放り込む

いつも雲の中  いつも雲の中

Jun 15, 2008

The Head On The Door

Un-vacation in the USA through spring: people+friends > Concerned of course + eventually committed. Active hope & talks for sure (...)
Hard to narrate. I'd rather appreciate "postphotographs" than any demise.
Words to favor images.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania 2008

How Soon Is Now ?

Back'in' PARIS for a while, a little while. PARIS , France & do not argue "Texas", nor any international (s)quizz about the french(s) capital city : a topic widely irrevelant like their strikes and women's natural beauty. [are some folks still looking for a BIG italian wedding ?]

YES & fortunately there are some foreigners (outiders ?...) invigorating some cool breeze in the "dumpy" local air. Raymond might ask : "what's new about it ?"
>The DEAD SCIENCE of the living well matching a blue rectangle with yellow stars on it & indefinitely numbered new bank notes ; it's not Mark but my name sounds german sometimes, and I've learnt to appreciate the value of his counterfeit pronunciations.
Still lot of good food & decent beverages on the shelves + the usual beggars sidewalking outside (all type accepted) ; Notice that the detuned accordion has been replaced by encore of jingle-jumblings for some spare change (dogfood eventually).
>The WORD : a few locals still like to have one, especially regarding what's wrong with you or better abroad. The new generation propel its preemptive MEA CULPA in-as-much the "baguette"'s corrupted recipes rules baked tasteless scent of identity.
PARIS, not in TEXAS, I swear (!!!) but in France and more than ever in the Union, the bright E.U......


PARIS is quite sunny this summer 2008 & you can mess with it. PARIS, but again : not in Texas. Plus PARIS stands as well for a famous character (maybe not only one) from some dark old tale (a blockbuster) of our cherished western culture.
Internet and Telecom, etc, are still a nasty affair here in the land of french chips and "camenbert" !!! Now that De Gaulle and Staline, Gandhi or even Benahzir Butto are gone, you can't pretend for any "Libération", or expect some (slo) "Révolution" or even "Révélation". Some trENDs sound like : "Be like THEM instead of them" but there are at least, some sizeable limits of those pretentious overlooks.
Remenbrance of Paris, Crescida, or even Hector... Not that I like to complain but you can't say that around here the play isn't so (un)fair and recently I found myself spending much of my free time going to the movies and ZABRISKIE POINT was one of them.

About two local famous characters... let's prompt some "differences", not "differents" :
MANU CHAO's flow in spanish comes with a Love-or-leave-it french accent, NICOLAS SARKOZY barely speak english but it's still more reasonnable than when he does in french.
MC is kind of not tall enought for basket ball but he enjoys soccer even with a "Maradona playing a stubborn Zidane". NS isn't so small and while he's attired with a dream team & a couple of girls, he's said to be (cap)ABLE to run run for the BALL.
If you assume that only one of them has fueled MONEY in the engine of his committed entertaining parade, the other one still plays with it. No international upscale (de)parts them.
MC likes the radio & reliable sneakers so he can step from stage to ERR wherever the blinds take him. NS has been breed and trained btw the telly and jet-set approved suit(e)s, now he's consequently ironing his italian favorite night dress (with the remote).
NS tends to believe in democracy, or at least what its people elude as a french principle. MC seems to be confident with the principle until NS doesn't put him to sing the national anthem in english.
NS considers fascism as an old italian concept for history class. Although MC is probably fine with not so young italian women when it's all about little red "hooks" and bongos parades along the Elysean fields with or without the pope.
NICOLAS SARKOZY pretends to love the USA but he won't apply for a green card or even rush into charity auctions for a new Louisiana purchase. MC prefer Latin America but he hasn't figured out yet why they speak french in DC and they don't (really) in Mexico City.
NS's super wife is not titled Katrina, & El Nino of MC is possibly an instrumental for smoked nannies & young mums.
NICOLAS SARKOZY talks to the mass which is after all very conventional, & MANU CHAO may as well sing at the mosque (but please not in Bagdad or Tel Aviv..!)
If the showman is out, the entertainer isn't definitely in.


TORONTO, Canada 2008

Jun 6, 2008

Remain in Light


TIERRA DEL FUEGO frontier with risk of forgotten mines, 2008

Invisible Sun

TINTAGEL, Cornwall (UK) 2008

Sardignia 2008

Monster's D.E.W. to wring the fictituous SKYlarking MIrTHs lest through the trough some bodies balk-ing ERR on Or leeward the ominous kook ! I.T.H.I.M.H.E.R shrouds of dusk and SEA humMING dye shoddy sidled clangor. Whine$ ! No inDECOROUS jinx but NATURAL rosh IN THE MED.


CHICAGO, Illinois (USA) 2008


I Am From France


Jun 1, 2008


Several severe industrial wastes... Souvenir and the cause. Minor plague for a PING PONG field of a casual & unrestricted tip. Solar sides of the treacherous. VET & whites.
When I saw it sliding where I knew it turned (+) out to evaporate and skim, the pace was UNartificial.
Juliet and Romeo opt 4 ###.

Mar 1, 2008

Map Of The City

I see, there is a something... "Usted viste lo que pasa abajo (?) ¡ No somos arriba ! A donde vas con tus zapatos colorados de gringo...? Que es eso ..¿ El ser ser humano?.." and both together, closer and closer, about to reach the clouds.

Stop Breathin'

"...She's just Like a King without Queen..."

Feb 29, 2008

Everything's gone green

This was the end of the world as we know it, and there were so many people. I remenber a gypsie lady, out of the Eureka Bakery with long black hairs, golden hoops on her ears, and her "moustache(d)" companion.
Hiking up & down 2 mountains around, I pictured a fallen tree, the rocks & rugged wilderness above the valleys, the tantalizing arms, fingers and palms of the seas.I walked in woods full of waived trunks like still belly dancers.The day before a weird vertical cloud had appeared behind a hill; but though I did my best, I lost the photograph.
Hit the road 4 hundreds km more : a fox squad, pink flamingoes, a condor family, plus a guanaco looking at me during 10 seconds & it felt like "who said why ?" Empty huge plains again, the dusk on the run. Slept the nite in the motel Frontera with nothing else than the sky and the wind. Heading west with the sheperds throught those ocre, green, brown lands, then along a bahia Inutil a forgotten town named like the Future
Sailed across the Magellan strait, an impetuous body of water, I had been sick as hell. I also lost my clothes in the middle of nowhere and found a pair of blue jean in a tree. Another border further, a spaniard couple dumped me apples & oranges.
Entering a pub un this great wild emptiness, I heard Joey Ramones's voice on the radio echoeing from the deep canyons of Manhattan. Petrol, dust, homemade chocolate & new roads on the trail of the Sundance Kid. The grand glaciars : ice, rocks and water converging toward eachother in a parade of bangs, splashes and cracks, while a few words spread out of the visitor mouth call it all "la potencia della naturalesa".